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12.06.2013 19:27

Maia Phanjikidze Accuses New York Times and Washington Post of Circulating Unverified Information

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Georgian Foreign Minister Maia Phanjikidze believes that the New York Times and the Washington Post often circulate unverified information- as reported by Tabula and Netgazeti on June 11.

“I want to express my utmost surprise and indignation over the fact that newspapers like the Washington Post, the New York Times and other internationally acknowledged newspapers, which our press regards as influential, very often spread unverified and insulting information in regard to different countries,”- reads the material published by Tabula.

The reason for Phankikidze’s upset were the materials that had been published after the death of Georgian soldiers in Afghanistan.

“The sources which their allege stating that Georgian soldiers were held in disrespect in Afghanistan are questionable. You can’t trust these sources, and even one such source really existed, in my opinion it is highly amoral to publish something of the sort when the country’s grieving over the misfortune. So far I have only heard words of praise about the armed forces of Georgia serving abroad.







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