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25.04.2013 12:18

Murman Dumbadze to Journalists: “Use Your Acquaintances”- Batumelebi Newspaper

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On April 24, the Batumelebi newspaper published the material under the headline: “Murman Dumbadze to Journalists: “ Use Your Acquaintances”. The Article relates about Georgian MP Murman Dumbadze’s March 24 meeting with the Democracy Involvement Center of Batumi, where Dumbadze spoke in relation to the status of Adjara TV and new draft bill on Broadcaster.

According to Murman Dumbadze, the draft bill implies transformation of Adjara TV into a public broadcaster that’s supposed to receive funding from the Budget of Georgian State Television, not via the government of Adjara or the Supreme Council of the autonomous republic.

“It is all aimed at burying Georgian State Television.”

Questions regarding the programming  independence of Adjara TV and manning of its board had as well been raised during the meeting. According to the draft bill, Adjara TV is supposed to have a council of advisors, not board. Yet the question, Lebanidze says, requires further consideration.

Those willing to specify the details of the issue and obtain additional information, had been invited by Lebanidze to the Georgian Parliament.

“The discussion of the issue is scheduled for April 30, there we can talk about the specific details.” Murman Lebanidze as well stressed on the future board of Adjara TV. He called upon the journalists of the region to actively struggle in order to gain seats in the board’s membership:” You must start considering that possibility right now and engage in the competition. I’m often criticized when I say that I give references to my acquaintances, but it not something one should be ashamed of, use your acquaintances. Personally, I’m going to provide recommendation to the local journalists.”







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