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25.04.2013 12:11

EPF: We haven’t Awarded Grant to TV 9

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The Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) management declares that no grant had been awarded to TV company TV 9 owned by Georgian PM Bidzina Ivanishvili’s spouse. Speaking to Netgazeti the EPF Director Ketevan Vashakidze clarified that the Foundation signed a contract with the television over a certain service and the contract value is GEL 16,500.

Referring to TV 9‘s spokesperson Netgazeti as well as Media.Ge reported on a grant TV 9 received from EPF.

Reporting to Netgazeti Ketevan Vashakidze said the reports on EPF granting funds to TV 9 is “absolutely untrue.”

“It is a contract. The TV company was taking part in a tender, not a grants contest. Grant and tender are absolutely different things in their nature. A grant is meant for charity purposes or when  there is a project in place in whose framework a certain organization is used as a direct partner to achieve a social goal set by us.

“Under the circumstances we have a service contract and the service contract implies rendering services to attain the goal we strive for,” said Vashakidze.

Five televisions including Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB), Rustavi 2, Imedi, Maestro and TV 9 were offered participation in the tender, the TV company owned by PM’s wife was the only one having accepted their offer.

“These five televisions were singled out by us based on numerous researches, including the ones we either trust and carry out on our own. The aforementioned televisions are proved to be the most watched broadcasters. Two of the companies, we have service contracts with, got in touch with us: we have a similar contact with Maestro which implies reporting on judiciary issues, we used to have similar contract with Rustavi 2 based on which discussions on EU integration were held in the TV program Midday. One of the broadcasters said the amount received was not sufficient to ensure the production of a high-grade program, another one was being restructured, therefore at this stage they somehow abstained from taking part in the tender,” Vashakidze clarified.

According to the press release issued by TV 9’s Development Manager thanks to the funding received from EPF two talk shows Main Question and Long Time, will be produced, who along with other issues, will be conducive to raising public awareness of Euro integration until the very end of 2013.







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