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18.03.2013 11:43

Radio Adjara Makes Independent Content

Nata Dzvelishvili Gela Bochikashvili
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Radio Adjara is launching new set of programs from March 18. A month long reorganization of the broadcaster has come to an end, marking unexpected separation between the information policy of the radio and Adjara TV. Yet, until having their status defined, both of them continue to be the TV-Radio Department of Adjara.

After Soso Sturua’s appointment  Head of the department, Tamila Dolidze, who’s been working for 23 years in the radio, was put in charge of the News Department of Adjara Radio. She reported to Media.Ge that during the last 7-8 years the radio didn’t have its own news but the modified version of Adjara TV’s newscasts.

Being merely a small link of the television’s news service, we were totally dependent on it. There were only 2 producers and 1  correspondent left that were trying to convert the television’s news to the format of the radio,”- Tamila Dolidze says. According to her, social media has been totally blocked in the radio office, with Skype being the only means of communication allowed.

“The restriction is now lifted. After my appointment we’ve made Facebook page of the radio, planning to make the website as well, in order to launch our programs online and , thus, provide the opportunity to see them. “- Tamila Dolidze remarked, adding that during previous years she had had a protest against the existent policy and that she was expressing her opinion via the local TV-Company Channel 25- the circumstance that brought her in conflict with the Director.

“They couldn’t have dismissed me any time out of here had it not been for my being a widow, having to raise an orphan child-the reason behind my stay.”- says Tamila Dolidze.

Future plans of the radio

Radio Adjara is undergoing technical reequipment , having been allotted 6 months’ funding  until having its status defined. After the radio is fully equipped, it is planned to further refine the newscast that currently comes out 11 times per day. A five-minute long summarizing release is planned to be launched at 6:00 p.m., which, according to Tamila Dolidze, will be later increased up to 10 minutes. There are going to be stories, synchronous transmissions, live connections.

Several programs have been added to the broadcasting net of Radio Adjara. Inga Mebonia will host a number of thematic programs, from 6 to 7 p.m. Irma Chkhaidze will review social issues, and Teona Zedania will host an entertainment program at weekends. “Talks with Maka Ivanishvili” is also supposed to be lauched. Maka Ivanishvili currently holds the position  of Deputy Head of Adjara’s government.

According to Tamila Dolidze, the radio didn’t have any rating so far, so now they aim to regain the listeners and their trust. She promised that they’ll cover all the urgent issues and social problems.

The radio is currently presented with 19 employees. The Staffing policy of radio will be revised after its status is defined. As yet there has been 2 draft bills submitted to the parliament –  the first one initiated by the government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara suggests that both Radio Adjara and the Adjara TV be transformed into a regional public broadcaster, whereas the second draft bill worked out by Media Advocacy Coalition suggests Adjara TV should become channel  4 of the GPB. According to Tamila Dolidze, they prefer the regional broadcaster option. “ A channel attached to another company cannot evolve, just as it happened with PIK TV that was closed after its decision to become independent.







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