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15.04.2013 17:57

The number of Georgia's Mobile Internet users has exceeded 1.3 million

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The Radio Liberty responds to the "World Economic Forum" in the published research on information technology. The Forum annually carries out the survey together with the INSEAD and its goal is to determine how ready the country's information and communication technologies are to use the digital era opportunities for the improvement of economic conditions. According to the Radio Liberty, a survey is attached with the list of growing number of countries in accordance with the network readiness, where Georgia, compared to 2012, has improved its position by 23 and holds the 65th position.

Jemal Vashakidze the Deputy Head of the Department of Communications and Informational Technologies at the Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia, declared to the Radio Liberty that such a result was to be expected. According to him, like in Finland, in case of Georgia, the information technology in the education system in terms of novelties, simplification, and the number of customers increased access to the Internet has played a crucial role:

"The program "Milky Way" had practically been completed the year before last. It included all secondary schools and children with intensive studies in informatics, Informatization that is very important. I.e. a very simple model has worked: if only one family member still is literate then he/she would definitely share one’s own skills to any family member ".

According to Mr. Rati Skhirtladze the head of Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Information and Analytical Department, by the fourth quarter of 2012, the number of mobile internet users exceeded 1.3 million and other technologies for Internet access are used by 483 000 subscribers. As Mr. Rati Skhirtladze defined, special growth took place in 2011, when the number of subscribers increased by 56%. As for the fiber optic technology, if there were in total 86 thousand subscribers in 2010 and, in 2011, there were already 125 thousand, in 2012 - 180 thousand.

Not only the increase of the number of Georgian Internet users but also the increase of skills and capabilities contributed to the advancement in the list. The web developer Nodar Davituri speaks in the Radio Liberty about the online offers websites and users skills development in Georgia:

"Last year and a half or two, perhaps, the greatest growth was observed that I've noticed is the so-called offers websites, where users buy a product or service vouchers for cheap. Consequently, the popularity of such services is the fact that a lot of users are accustomed to online credit card payments. User ability has increased – a user is already able to use the card and is no longer afraid of online shopping, and from this standpoint one of the most important moments is that for which we can say that the Georgian user is ready for online commerce. We think there may be some businesses that sell their products directly through the Internet and do not use it as a promotional tool".

In the Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia, Department of Communications and Informational Technologies, they believe that the progress shall attract the interest of major Internet companies to Georgia, and therefore they cite a few days ago declared PayPal Service introduction in Georgia as an example.







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