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25.02.2013 16:15

How Come TV Iberia’s License Appeared in the Hands of Imedi? – The Prime Time

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How Come TV Iberia’s License Appeared in the Hands of Imedi? - is the title of the article published by the Prime Time newspaper in its January 25 issue.

A special squad unit broke into TV Iberia on February 2012, reads the newspaper, “the law enforcement officers left Omega nearly after a year, on one condition though: The owner of the company Zaza Okriashvili must have ceded TV Iberia,”- said in the article.

Levan Agdgomelashvili, Manager General of OGT LLC, tobacco factory being the part of Omega Group Tobacco, recalls:

Prosecutor Bakur Chikovani of the Prosecutor General’s office contacted me to tell that the Prosecutor General was exacting me. I was met by the Deputy Prosecutor General Giorgi Latsabidze. He told me that in order to solve my issue, the matter of the television must be resolved first. He then suggested that any natural person could join the founders, who would step down on the second day, taking the license of the TV company in the form of his share. Only after that being done, could Omega Group have continued working,”- Agdgomelashvili relates.

According to the Prime Time, a natural person the Deputy Prosecutor General was talking about is Davit Kakauridze, the neighbor of the then Head of Georgian National Communications Commission Dimitri Kitoshvili. On December 7, 2004, the department of Kitoshvili passed the license of TV Iberia to Kakauridze.

“According to Omega lawyer Davit Asatiani, Kakauridze had purchased the license at the price of GEL 500, “without, however, paying the sum. He then left the share and based on that founded TV Aisi that had never carried out the broadcasting activity.”

The Prime Time stresses that “the share was formalized by Nino Ginturi, the private notary of the then Prosecutor General Irakli Okruashlivi. That , according to the viewpoint of the article’s author, rises suspicion that the former Prosecutor General had personal concern in the closure of TV Iberia and activity of Omega.

The newspaper further suggests that TV Aisi was handed to the Imedi owner Georgian Media Productions Group. After TV Imedi had been returned to Badri Patarkatsishvili’s  family, the license of TV Iberia was automatically handed to it.

Archil Kbilashvili, the Prosecutor General, states that in case he’s required to investigate the issue, the party concerned would also have to examine the case, and that circumstance may possibly entail the interrogation of Ina Gudavadze, the current Owner of Imedi TV, and Giorgi Arveladze, former Director of Georgian Media Productions Group. The latter says that TV Aisi had been registered under the ownership of TV Imedi before his appearance.

According to Media.Ge, TV Aisi has been broadcasting as Play TV since 2012, mainly featuring the gambling games. After the Parliamentary elections of 2012, since the Patarkatsishvili family had been handed TV Imedi together with the license of TV Aisi, programs from TV imedi’s archives have been broadcasted via that frequency. Rezav Sakevarishvili reported to Media.Ge that they have certain plans regarding that frequency.







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