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20.02.2013 17:31

Former Journalist of Video-Patrol: There were no Firearms in the First Video-Footage

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Former journalist of Video-Patrol program Gocha Mukbanian said in an interview with Interpressnews agency that he does not know about the part of video-footage related to Buta Robakidze’s case circulated 19 February, in which firearms can be seen. 

According to him, in the initial video-material there were no weapons. 

“I have not seen any kind of weapons there; I would have remembered if it was there and I would have said that today by all means because there is no barrier for that from my side,” Mukbanian said. 

Mukbanian claims he does not know what has happened to the first initial video-material. 

“I can only say about the given tape what I saw before getting into the car.  I did not have the possibility to carefully study the footage.  When we got into the car Guram Donadze and Mikadze took the camera from the cameraman and watched the footage from the camera itself.  A gunshot could be heard, but there were no weapons in that footage.  After that Donadze took the tape from the cameraman; Mikadze and he left the car and Donadze told him he would be called when needed.  After 20-30 minutes they called Vatsadze and he started recording the footage in which the weapons were already there,” Mukbanian told Interpressnews. 

The given footage was submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office and televisions today by former Chief of Didube-Chugureti Police Department Irakli Pirtskhalava. He claims that Buta Robakidze was in that vehicle accidentally at that moment and that the given vehicle was detected in the case of fight by Dinamo Arena on that day and was to be detained.  Pirtskhalava is one of the charged in Robakidze’s case and has been released under bail.  The footage was first aired by Rustavi 2 and then by other televisions. 







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